• The typical time commitment may include more than one assignment on a given day, if you are willing. It is best to set aside the entire day on your calendar.
  • If you need to reschedule your driving day once it is arranged, you are expected to swap with another driver; then notify your phoner, and your “sub’s” phoner of the arrangement. Note that this information is always listed at the top of every monthly schedule.
  • Be available in the afternoon two FISH operating days before your scheduled driving day to receive your assignment(s). If you will not be available during that time, please contact your phoner ahead of time or check your voice mail that evening!
  • Call the client(s) the day you receive your assignment(s) – or no later than the next morning - and confirm the details with your client(s). Give the client(s) your telephone number, in case they need to reach you before the drive. Some clients become anxious when they do not hear from their driver rather quickly.
  • If a client cancels the appointment, please notify your phoner.

Please read the FISH Driver Information flier for complete information about your very important role!