Since October 4, 2021, FISH has again been taking clients to medical appointments!  The calendar is now available on this website, and has been mailed to our current clients and volunteers.  If a client is unable to secure a ride from FISH, they should call Transportation Services at the Lexington Community Center at 781-861-1210 to hear about alternatives.


Please be aware of these updates to the COVID policy for clients and drivers.

  • Drivers and clients must be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination may be requested by the driver or the client.
  • Masks are optional for drivers and clients. But, if either client or driver feels strongly about wearing a mask, the other should comply. Both driver and client should have masks available for these situations.
  • The client may sit in the front or rear seat, but if either driver or client requests the client sit in the rear, that request must be honored.

We're FISH

Since 1972, FISH has been providing Lexington residents free rides to medical appointments in Lexington and vicinity, including Boston.
FISH relies exclusively on volunteers to provide rides and on donations from generous Lexington residents and organizations to cover operating expenses.
Interested in volunteering or becoming a client? See below.