We're FISH

Since 1972, FISH has been providing Lexington residents free rides to medical appointments in Lexington and vicinity, including Boston.

FISH relies exclusively on volunteers to provide rides and on donations from generous Lexington residents and organizations to cover operating expenses.

Interested in volunteering or becoming a client? See below.

What We Do for Lexington residents

FISH volunteers drive Lexington residents to medical appointments in Lexington and vicinity, including Boston, free of charge (except for parking fees and tolls). Rides are limited to one round-trip ride per week.

FISH volunteers Drive Clients to appointments

How much time? The typical commitment is one day a month, your choice of day.  Drivers can indicate they are willing to drive to Boston, or can choose to drive only to Lexington and vicinity. Drivers may get one or more assignment or may not be needed at all, depending on the number of requests on that day.

FISH Phoners are volunteers who Schedule the rides

How much time? Phoners usually sign up to make calls to drivers one day a month, for a typical commitment of about two to three hours a month.


Testimonials from FISH clients:

“Many thanks to all the FISH drivers who made my life so much easier during the last four months.  Sometimes I had to go to the Hospital two times a week, knowing that I could count on FISH one day a week brought me great comfort.  Keep up the good work!”

“Enclosed is a check in appreciation of all of the FISH volunteers!  I have used your wonderful service to numerous doctors’ appointments in the past three years, and I am very grateful!  I have met lots of warm and caring volunteers who are so helpful and interesting. The personnel at the answering service are equally terrific!  Thank you all for what you do so well.”